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Himalayan Shilajit 15g Pouch Refill

Himalayan Shilajit 15g Pouch Refill

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Premium Himalayan Shilajit Resin direct from the source to our British lab & packing facility! NoBo Health have been supplying athletes and their families with plant-based functional supplements since 2018, and our Shilajit has been one of the most consistently successful supplements in terms of immediate, verifiable effects and benefits!

Includes free mini metal spoon :)

(Exact mini spoon may vary)


Simply add shilajit to your morning coffee or stir into a glass of warm water on it’s own for the full-on "Mountain Blood!" experience! For most people 15 grams is a 30 day supply, assuming you're using the recommend 'nub' of resin (around 500mg per day). 

To remove your shilajit from the refill pouch without any loss or wastage, simply put it in the freezer for 30-60mins until the shilajit turns hard like glass. Then the thick plastic packaging will peel away easily from the shilajit block. Transfer your shilajit to a reusable airtight container (such as a glass jar) and then it’s ready to use as needed each day!


Your resin will arrive as min. 15g NET weight of pliable soft-solid resin, but it can become a little hard during transit due to the high fulvic acid content. If you’d like a softer, more ‘gooey’ resin, simply add half a teaspoon of warm water to your jar/tin of of resin, replace the lid and leave it overnight. Within 6-12 hours, your NoBo shilajit will have fully absorbed the added moisture and will be an entirely different texture to work with.

Stop paying other sellers on ebay for 25% - 50% water weight! Add your own water at home for free :)

Pro Tip: If you decide to add extra water, your total resin will weigh around 20g including the added hydration. 

Genuine shilajit like ours is 100% water soluble (and it can be dried & rehydrated unlimited times without any changes except picking up any minerals from the water used).


NoBo has always been focussed on helping customers who have higher-than-normal tolerances to functional supplements, but would still like to be able to benefit from them. We always aim to source plant potencies that pack a punch, and ship in pack sizes and volumes to satiate even the most amplified of appetites! 

Our shilajit is standardised to contain a minimum of 82% Fulvic Acid which is why since we introduced it to our UK market (NoBo were the first company to bring Shilajit to the Arnold Sports Festival in the UK!), NoBo Shilajit has become the No.1 choice for professional athletes in UK Strongman, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, Powerlifting, MMA, Boxing, Pole Fitness and yes, even football players! 

Fulvic acid content externally lab verified by Eurofins. 

Heavy Metals safety externally lab verified by Eurofins.

CoA and MSDS included with each shilajit order and to ensure a speedy customs process for our customers ordering from outside of the UK.


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